Our exterior eco-friendly wood treatment products are designed to protect wooden surfaces against the elements. Shop our full range below.

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Exterior Wood Treatments

Outdoor woodwork is constantly exposed to the elements – sun, rain, wind, frost and temperatures ranging from extreme cold to extreme heat. Any outdoor timber left untreated will begin to deteriorate, losing its natural colour, cracking and swelling due to moisture penetration, eventually resulting in rot. Exterior wood treatments and wood oils are designed to protect outdoor timber structures such as fences, windows, sheds, garden furniture and summer houses amongst others.

Our products prevent rot and deterioration, enhance the dimensional stability and durability of the wood whilst intensifying and strengthening the desired colour. We offer a selection of exterior wood protection and treatment products including Hydroguard, Aged Grey and Charred Wood Sealer.

Aged Grey

Aged Grey is a waterborne breathable and durable protective coating with anti-fungal properties, UV protection and optimal wood penetration and saturation. Designed to protect and finish both interior and exterior wood whilst colouring the wood a silver-grey tone reminiscent of naturally aged wood.

Charred Wood Sealer

Charred Wood Sealer is a water-based durable matt protector designed for finishing burnt wood surfaces both indoors and outdoors. This unique product strengthens the brittle surface after burning the wood and increases water resistance as well as the strength and durability of the wood.


Wood Hydroguard offers exceptionally durable protection and finishing for all exterior and interior wood surfaces. This waterborne, breathable product enhances the dimensional stability and longevity of the wood due to its hydrophobic properties, whilst providing anti-fungal qualities, UV protection, easy application and optimal wood penetration and saturation.