Wood Finishing Advice & Consultancy Services For Architects

Experience gained working 25 years with local-and international designers and architects allows us to assist you with your project specification.

Not only will we assist you with choosing the correct finish for your project but we will make sure you get the colour you visualised when designing the project.  We keep up to date with market trends, new products and materials such as Valchromat and Honext and the coating of these products.

Our experience stretches far beyond just a coating, we will gladly assist with technical questions on durability and use of timbers in all aspects of design. Making sure you specify the product that is right for your client.

Offering to Architects

  • Technical Advice

  • Experience with: 

    1. Valchromat Finishes

    2. Honext Finishes

    3. HDF/MDF Finishes

    4. Wood Finishes

    5. In-depth knowledge of wood species and their uses and applications

    6. Hard Wood Experience

    7. Soft Wood Experience

    8. Interior and Exterior finishes advice

    9. Bespoke Colour Matching on all of the above

    10. Bespoke Colour Samples

    11. Green finishes and advice